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Remove Spyware, Virus or Malware using

Anti Spyware Software

Download the software to remove the Virus. Spyware or Malware automatically from the computer.


Follow the Steps to remove Virus, Spyware & Malware.

Download and then install the software

Then quick scan your Windows PC

Review a summary of your computer’s Hardware, Stability & Security

Remove Virus and other infected items from PC

Activate your license key to start repairing your PC

It might be possible that sometime you faced some difficulties while installing or downloading Automatic Virus Removal Tool from the site. If you are facing some unidentified error messages while downloading the automatic tool, just follow the complete guideline for easy download:

You need to restart your Windows system in Safe Mode, so its convenient for you to remember the url of download page, you may write it down on a paper. This is due to fact that , when you restart your system all the tabs open in browser will be closed.

If you are not getting how to restart Windows PC in Safe Mode allowing the Networking, here are step by step procedure to perform this task:

  • Press F8 button repeatedly after , rebooting the system
  • You will notice a wizard displaying Safe Mode with Networking
  • Select the Safe Mode with Networking and press enter
  • A pop up box will be displayed in order to continue in Safe Mode
  • Press yes to continue working in Safe Mode

If you still have confusion how to run PC in Safe Mode , you can get elaborated information in Microsoft Official site by clicking here  

When virus get installed into your system , it spreads it malicious process and file to the entire system , for chanaging or modifying system settings. It uses  some proxy server to perform this and task along with this it obstruct user to visit certain authorized site by generating error messages like “Page could not be found”. If you want to resolve this problem, in order to download tool required  for removing virus , follow the step by step procedure mentioned below:

Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools. Select Internet Options and the following image will be displayed.

Click on the Internet Options

Click on Connections option

Go to the LAN Settings

Uncheck the Box labeled as Use a proxy server for your LAN and press OK

After the completionof the step by step procedure mentioned above ,  it is sure that proxy server  is disable. Now without facing any difficulties  you can easily browser any site. You just need to restart  your Windows PC once for downloading the utilities mentioned below.

Download and Run FixNCR Tool: It is a free application that can be easily installed without any difficulties. It disables all the virus existing in System ,after get installed. It adds some values in the Windows Registry Editor . You are just required to click on “Yes”  on the registry warning messages   that is displayed while installation process.

Download Speedy PC Pro Tool: Virus once making its way into the system , attacks registry settings  by modifying entries. It results in slowing down of PC performance. By downloading and running this software , you can easily  restore the secure registry settings and resolve all the issues related with the increase in the performance of PC.

Download the Automatic Virus Removal Tool:  In order to deleted all the malicious virus along with  its related files and process in most easy and efficient way download and run this software. It completely clean your PC from all the malevolent viruses resulting in enhancement in PC performance. If you want to safe your PC from  any malware and virus attack , regularly perform the task of automatic update.

Remove Spyware, Virus or Malware using

Anti Spyware Software

Download the software to remove the Virus. Spyware or Malware automatically from the computer.

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